The Rota is our monthly schedule of who will serve in the various worship ministries.  It is maintained by the office manager.

January 2020 Rota

if you know of conflicts in January, please advise the office by December 10.

  • Look across the top for your ministry.  Look down the whole column to find your name.  It might appear more than once, or not at all for that month.  It will probably be different each month.
  • Look to the left to find the worship service date and time.
  • Wednesday and Saturday worship services are listed across the bottom of the chart.
  • Put it on your calendar right away.
  • If you are a youth, make sure your parents know the dates and times, too.
  • If you are unable to serve as scheduled, trade with someone else.


    • Leave a message before 5:00 pm Friday, at 630.232.0133×100 or send an e-mail to   with date and time you were scheduled to serve; the name of your substitute; and the date and time you will now be serving instead (if you traded).
    •  If you cannot find a sub, please indicate that, too.

In order to minimize the need to find a substitute, please let the office manager know you cannot be available.  The schedule can be adjusted around those dates for you if you provide them by the tenth of the previous month.  For example, if you know you will not be available for certain dates in November (like Thanksgiving break) tell the office manager by October 10. Sometimes, mistakes do happen.  If you’ve notified the office manager you can’t serve, but are scheduled you by mistake, then please reach out right away, and the office manager will find a substitute. 

If you have preferences for when or how often you serve, please let the office manager know.  Some people only serve once a month; some serve at the same time as other family members; some people like a certain week of the month.  Also, include which worship service (5:00 pm, 8:00 am, 9:00 am, or 10:30 am) at which you want to serve.  If something changes and you will not be available for a while, just let the office manager know that, too.

Your service to St. Mark’s and to the Lord is deeply appreciated and we want to make it as easy for you to serve as we can.  Please call or e-mail anytime with questions or suggestions.