Worship Arts

Music at St. Mark’s 

Music plays an especially important role in Anglican worship. St. Mark’s offers a vibrant music program that touches parishioners of all ages through its choirs during worship on Sunday mornings, at Holy Week and Christmas Eve services, and special events throughout the year.

Saturday 5:00 pm service: A mix of old and new music (from hymns and Taize to Hillsong and Elevation Worship) with combinations of piano, guitar, and drums, and voices. Rite II.

Sunday 8:00 am service: no music. Rite I.

Sunday 9:00 am and 10:30 am services: Mostly traditional music with the St. Mark’s choir and organist Lance Peeler, led by the St. Mark’s choir Director Paul Grizzell. Rite II.

St. Mark’s Choir

Love to sing? The St. Mark’s Choir is a mixed-voice ensemble that sings a diverse repertoire of choral literature from sixteenth-century pieces to works of the present day. The group serves an important ministry to the church community and everyone is welcome to audition.  Singers need not have choral experience yet they should love music, sing in tune and be able to commit to regular rehearsals on Wednesday Evenings. Having knowledge of reading music is helpful but is not a requirement.

Jesus and Me (JAM) Singers

For the younger singers of our parish we have the JAM Singers (second through eighth grade). They sing at worship on the first Sunday of the month and rehearse on Sundays at 10:45 am. They make a joyful noise! For more information and to sign up contact Paul Grizzell, Director of Worship Arts,