In Person Worship

A Note from the Rector

Dear Friend,

Four Advent candles this week means Christmas is just around the corner. Watch your mail this week for a big envelope from St. Mark's. It has the Christmas schedule and a gift for your household.

Many of you will be worshiping online with us for Christmas this year. Why not schedule a viewing time with those you love as a way of sharing this moment of the Greatest Gift with those who are your greatest blessing? This Sunday, if you receive Communion curbside, ask for extra — that you will reserve until shared by your entire family on the 24th or 25th after your "Watch Party" of Christmas Worship.

One more thing! Click HERE for the trailer to this year's Christmas pageant that was created in the safety of our children's homes. You won't want to miss it when the video is released Christmas Eve. In the meantime, enjoy the trailer. See if you can tell my own acting inspiration comes from Burl Ives in Rudolf the Red-Nosed Reindeer.

With love and Merry Christmas wishes,
Father Mark