StM Youth Cornerstone Groups

Youth Cornerstone Groups meet on Sunday evenings, 5pm at st. mark's!

At St. Mark's, Cornerstone Groups are a vital part of our strategy for growing in Christ Jesus together. At a Cornerstone Group, expect to find an encouraging environment of Christian support and friends with whom to grow, learn, and pray.

A Cornerstone Group:

  • Typically has around twelve people
  • Meets weekly
  • Is its own unique expression of our St. Mark’s community

We offer three Cornerstone Groups for 6th-12th grade students:

  • Cornerstone Group for 6th - 8th grade
  • Cornerstone Group for 9th - 12th grade (for high school students not enrolled in Youth Confirmation)
  • Cornerstone Group for Youth Confirmation (Confirm not Conform)

Here we emphasize cultural and historic contexts so students can become immersed in the ancient world of the Scriptures. We combine this with practical application, conveying the beauty of following Jesus and the call to tell others about Him! We also encourage students to bring friends for this special time of fun and Christian community

Cornerstone Group Leaders

  • 6-8th grade: Anna Oelerich, StM Youth Assistant
  • 9-12th grade: Cindy Brunswig, Sophie Nichols, Frank Smola
  • Youth Confirmation:Emily Mosciano

COVID information: Social distanced and mask guidelines followed. Masks may be removed while seated at the dinner table. Parents are welcome to join for dinner prior to student pick up.

For more information, please contact Anna Oelerich at .