Sunday Morning Program

6th - 12th Grade

On Sunday mornings around the world, Christ's body, the church, gathers to worship our God. St. Mark's is no exception! We invite all, no matter the age, to worship together as we grow in faith through prayer, praise, and partaking of the Eucharist.

678 Connect

At 9am on Sunday mornings our 6-8th graders begin in the main worship service. After the Gospel reading they exit to the kid's ministry area to participate in an age targeted homily and discussion of that morning's texts. They rejoin the congregation at The Peace.  As they engage in the Eucharist we know they will grow in love of Christ and his church.

678 Connect is lead by Anna Oelerich our StM Youth Assistant; she will pattern the lessons and discussion around the church lessons for the season following the teachings by Fr. Mark on Sunday morning.  You and your student will be learning in step!  This will make for great post-church-car-ride discussion. :)

Our time on Sunday mornings is brief, but it is exciting to welcome students.  We engage quickly in the discussion and enjoy the time together.  If you have any questions, please reach out at  I'd love to connect! 


  • Starts 9/8
  • Grades 6 - 8 start in the service.  They can sit with friends or parents
  • They will be promoted to leave at the Gospel reading
  • The will return around The Peace where they will sit together for the remainder of the service.  
9th - 12th Grade

Any student 9th -12th grade is welcome at any of our weekend services.  There is no specific programing during weekend services for 9th - 12th grade.  They meet in their Cornerstone Group on Sunday afternoons.