StM Youth

678 Connect is OPEN.

Programming on Sunday mornings and evenings resumes January 10th. RSVP here for our 9am Sunday morning, Jr. High programming. Masks and social distancing practiced.

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678 Connect

Our middle school, Sunday morning programming offers youth a space to worship the Lord while making connections with one another.

Cornerstone Groups
These small, social gatherings offer youth the opportunity to dive in to God's Word while offering application to today's world.

Events & Retreats
 Due to COVID19 we are not currently planning any events or retreats for youth. Please check back here for retreat and event information as the year progresses.

9th - 12th Grade Programs resume September 13th

Confirm Not Conform

In the sacrament of Confirmation, relationships with God are deepened and strengthened. 

Cornerstone Group

In community we grow and thrive! Our small groups for Sr. High offer shared experiences while fostering spiritual growth.

Events & Retreats

Due to COVID19 no events and retreats for youth have been created for the fall semester.