Cornerstone Group Leader Application

Potential Cornerstone Group Leader,

Thanks for considering Cornerstone Group leadership. Cornerstone Groups are vital to the larger mission of our church and allow us to offer encouraging, relational environments where individuals can grow in their faith.

The following application lines up with the Leadership Qualifications section of the Cornerstone Groups Basics guide for group leadership which can be found on the Cornerstone Groups Leaders Resource page. Your responses are confidential and will only be available to the St. Mark’s staff.

The St. Mark’s Staff Team

Cornerstone Group Leader Application



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Are you committed to Jesus Christ and to the Scriptures?*

Have you been baptized?*

Are you faithfully married or living a celibate lifestyle?*

Are there any other habits or behaviors that you feel might make you unfit for St. Mark's leadership at this time?*

Which of these have you taken?*

How long have you regularly participated in St. Mark's Eucharistic Worship?*

Have you read the St. Mark's mission and strategy document entitled "Who We Are and What We Value?" (this can be found on the CG Leaders Resource webpage)*

Are you in alignment with this mission and strategy?*

Up to this point, where have you been investing in the ministry of St. Mark's?*

The following are expectations for Cornerstone Group Leaders. Select those that describe you.*

May St. Mark's proceed with a background check on you?*