Cornerstone Groups

Cornerstone Groups, our small groups ministry, are a central part of St. Mark’s life and mission. At a Cornerstone Group, expect to find an encouraging environment of Christian support and friends with whom to grow, learn, and pray. A Cornerstone Group:

  • Typically has fewer than twelve people
  • Meets weekly or every other week
  • Is its own unique expression of our St. Mark’s community

Everyone at St. Mark's is encouraged to connect with a Cornerstone Group, but attendance or membership at St. Mark's is not a requirement for participation. Test drives are allowed, so if you need to try a few groups to find the right fit that's no problem.

Find a Cornerstone Group


Our Summer season for Cornerstone Groups covers both July and August. Though our selection of groups is limited throughout the summer, do consider any of the open groups on the Find a Cornerstone Group page. In August we will begin listing the new and continuing groups for the fall season. 

CG Leader Resources

"It is far easier to be a Christian in isolation than it is to live out one’s faith in the context of all those other imperfect people who make up God’s church." - Gordon Fee