Who We Are

We are...

...a Christian community that worships God in the Anglican tradition, engages the historic teaching of the church, and participates in Christ’s mission.

Christian Community

It is impossible to flourish as a Christian apart from community.  Community is where our souls are nurtured and our hearts are trained to look up to God.  We tend to one another’s needs, form meaningful relationships, and discover together how God is with us and leading us.  We discover our gifts and are empowered to be ministers in Christ’s church and in the world.

Anglican Worship

Worship is at the heart of our life at St. Mark’s.  We are committed to the Anglican liturgy shaped by the Book of Common Prayer. In the powerful combination of Word and Sacrament, Jesus Christ speaks His truth to us and pours out His life for us.  God transforms those whose lives are centered around worship.

Historic Teaching

The Holy Scriptures and the Creeds ground our belief and practice. The Scriptures are God’s revelation that was passed on through the apostles and embraced by the Church down through the ages.  They provide us with timeless wisdom that can reorient our lives - our minds, our hearts, and our actions - as we engage in our world.

Christ’s Mission

God is at work in all the world - in our families, our neighborhoods, our nation, and across the seas.  We join God’s work by serving people in practical ways and sharing the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

2020 Annual Report