While the mission of the Church is set forth in The Book of Common Prayer, the vestry is responsible for defining the unique mission of the congregation. The congregation, working together with the rector and vestry, is responsible for seeing that the mission is defined, communicated clearly and consistently, reviewed, and updated regularly.

~The Vestry Resource Guide

Vestry Members

2018 Class

Mark Neibch (Senior Warden)
Cynthia Pauer (Junior Warden/Worship)
Mike Simon (Matthew 25/Local Serving)
Aimee Spring (Communications)

2019 Class

Jeff Brazell (Property)
Isabel Farrar (Youth)
Susan Krass (Cornestone Groups/Adult Education)
Jeffrey Wilsey (Invite, Welcome, Connect)

2020 Class

John Carlson (Hospitality)
Scott Cosentine (Missions)
Anne Fortin (Ad Hoc)
Sarah Miglio (Children)

officers of the church

Julie Hepker (Clerk)
Ed Rohde (Treasurer)