Annual Meeting and Report

Dear Friends,

In a year of so many challenges and changes, I am pleased that St. Mark’s continues to worship the Lord, receive and distribute Holy Communion, and our ministries at Hesed House, Lazarus House, and Trinity Soup Kitchen are meeting needs in the Fox Valley.

Would you like to know more about how we as a community are thriving in the middle of the Covid Crisis?

For the 153rd time (!) we will be holding our Annual Meeting at St. Mark’s and live on ZOOM, Wednesday, January 27 at 7:00 pm.  The canons (Rules and regulations) of the church require an Annual Meeting of the members of the church.  Gathering together, we look back on the past year and anticipate our direction for the future.

Annual Meetings have been times for us to consider moving forward with building plans and to welcome new staff and clergy.  This year we want to consider the impact of the virus on our church and to look with hope to the year ahead.

This is also the time when we elect new Vestry members.  Our nominees are Paul Harris, Mike Meyer, and Gloria McDonald Sweeney.  Lynne Allicino has agreed to serve as our new Treasurer.

Are you interested?  We really need you there on ZOOM  or in person at the church, 7:00 pm, Wednesday, January 27.

We will consider the Annual Report, elect new Vestry, and give thanks for those 8 among us who have entered His Kingdom in the past year.

His Servant,

Annual report